Art & Craft with Me: Pinterest v. Real Life – Fall Edition

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Happy Fall! ‘Tis the season for your arts & craft Pinterest boards that you have been building for months (maybe even years) to come alive! Dust off the tacky glue and mod podge my friends, it’s time.

To be honest, I think I am the worst Pinterest user out there. I have four boards with one or two pins in each and all I do is browse, hit the heart button and move on. I use Pinterest for ideas and inspirations, just like it’s intended to be used, but I forget to engage in the key feature of the site…..pinning things.

My disregard for “normal” Pinterest usage practices reminds me of an article I recently enjoyed. Many people have their qualms with BuzzFeed, but I generally find their content relevant to the average millennial…and it’s funny. Let me live my life people.

Anyways, I read a post written by Rachel Wilkerson Miller entitled: What Happened When I Lived According to the Pinterest Popular Page. I thought it was such a great way to bring us Pinterest users back down to reality. SPOILER ALERT: many (but not all) of the #ootds, craft projects and hairstyles Miller tried didn’t turn out the way she expected. Some people may say that they were a “fail,” but I’d like to think otherwise. Yes you are probably right in thinking that the upside down french braid is probably the most difficult “quick hair-do” on Pinterest to actually achieve…but I think people forget that everyone’s situation is unique.

The ONE person that posted the original tutorial obviously has the most ideal hair-type to achieve the look. That, and she more-than-likely sprayed her hair with products to get her hair to cooperate. It’s all determinant of the situation, access to supplies and skill. Same goes for the picture-perfect crafts that Pinterest features. What the typical Pinterest browser doesn’t realize is that  most of these popular posts have authors that are skilled in lighting and photography that help make their final products look “picture perfect,” and I say that with no negative connotation. By all means, everyone has a right to share their skills in any shape or form. That’s the beauty of art.

I’m just saying that we, as  average consumers of Pinterest content, need to remember that there’s a lot that we don’t see on the creator-side. Most importantly, we need to remember that any attempt at a DIY project on Pinterest is not necessarily a “fail” when it doesn’t turn out like the picture. Just like you choose the selfie with the best lighting and head tilt to post on Instagram, posts on Pinterest are no different.  It’s okay to have a wonky-looking DIY candle! It’s a testament to your unique skill set and personality. So go ahead and color outside of the lines. Do you Boo Boo!

Just food for thought 🙂


Side note: So, it seems to be an ongoing trend for me to post a teaser on my social media channels about an upcoming blog and then not post it until weeks later.  SORRY. I get spurts of inspiration and then life gets in the way. I made it a rule for myself to not force myself to post for the sake of timeliness, but to post it when it feels right. Hope you understand ❤



Seeing as it’s mid-to-late November now, it feels like the pumpkin spice latte has been frolicking free through coffee shops worldwide for what seems like a month too long now, BUT I have to give that darn latte some credit for inspiring me to write this post. I saw the pumpkins on TV and I decided that I wanted to craft my way towards that “oooh yay, fall is here” feeling. I am glad to report that it worked, despite the 80 degree weather here in SoCal.  But I still refuse to order a pumpkin spice latte. Bah hum bug right? Wrong holiday? Sorry not sorry.

Growing up, I remember there was a craft for every holiday. For Halloween, it was pumpkin carving. I wouldn’t say I am HORRIBLE at it…but a knife is not my art tool of choice. So this year I decided to try my hand at the non-carving approach. This is where Pinterest comes in. Coincidentally, I had to do creative centerpiece research for a fall-themed work event. While doing that, I stumbled across this pin by the blog simply happenstance and pretty  much fell in love with the idea of taking a plain pumpkin and sprucing it up with a succulent arrangement. I decided that this was it. Then I fell into the Pinterest hole and decided that a bunch of other non-carving pumpkin designs would also live on my porch this fall. The thirst for sequins on a pumpkin was real and I was highly ambitious.

As I continued thinking about the logistics of this project, I came to the conclusion that it would be financially and environmentally irresponsible to buy perfectly good succulents JUST to chop them into pieces to glue onto a pumpkin. I needed a fall decoration that would last me all season. The poor plants would die in a week or so and I would be left with sad pumpkin. No sad pumpkins allowed on my porch. So I opted for fall-colored artificial flowers.

Luckily for me, Michael’s Arts and Crafts store was having a sale on artificial flowers and I went IN. I also bought a few other supplies to satisfy my DIY fever. Sequins included. Everything I bought is pictured below. Granted, I ended up not using all of the supplies, oh well. More supplies for future crafting 😛




So now that I had supplies, I needed pumpkins. So I recruited my older brother to join me in finding a place that was selling pumpkins this early. Mind you, I made these DIY pumpkins in early October. The pumpkin patches were barely unloading their supply. After finding pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, I was finally ready to just let my creative ideas flow. This was the result:


I cut the artificial flowers to a workable size and used hot glue to secure them to the top. There was no particular method to the arrangement, I just placed flowers where I thought they would look good and ended up with what is pictured above. To give it a personal touch, I used black paint to create a monogram “B,” for the initial of my family name. You can’t really tell, but I also painted all three pumpkins’ stems gold to coordinate with the gold sequins I tacky-glued onto the mini white pumpkin. (I was able to satisfy my desire for a sequined-pumpkin :D)

This is what I mean by using Pinterest to YOUR leisure. I originally intended to make a carbon copy of the pumpkins I saw when I did my research. But I’m definitely glad I ended up with my own version of this trendy fall-themed project…and I think they are ADORABLE 🙂

So keep pinning my friends, just don’t forget the original reason you ventured onto Pinterest: for inspiration, not duplication. Happy crafting!
















❤ Mez

Art & Craft with Me: Fall in Love with Care Packages

In the midst of this fall season comes all things cozy, warm and comforting. But as a student, fall also means prime-time stress due to an increase in assignment load, mid-semester exams and endless group project meetings in an attempt to get as much done before Thanksgiving break. Not to mention internship and job shifts on top of all of that. Fall can be a tough time to be a student.

However, I think it’s the people you care about and surround yourself with that have a lot to do with how you deal with the stresses in life. Little pick-me-ups, whether a phone call, encouraging text message or even something sent via snail mail mean the most in times of distress. It’s nice to feel cared about, right?

What shows your affection for someone more than a care package? Although I believe that any time is a great time to remind someone that you care, I think fall (for all the reasons I listed above) is a perfect time for making care packages. Assembling a box that emanates affection in the form of letters, pictures, candy and survival tips can potentially rescue someone from a stressful mental breakdown. Another reason for fall care-package-making is that the arts and crafts stores are prepared for the amount of holiday season crafting, so you’ll have no problem finding bits and bobs to make a care package unique to the person you are making it for.

I recently made a care package for my cousin Valerie. I felt she was in need of a care package for of a lot of reasons, but mostly because she is currently in the midst of her first year in medical school all the way in Chicago. We try to make time every other week to have a catch-up phone call and I could tell that the stress was building on her end of the line this past month. So, I decided to send a little love her way with this small box of goodies 🙂 Here’s how I put it together:

THE BOX: I used a photo box from Michael’s Arts & Crafts store. This box in particular attracted me because I thought the quotes were fitting. I also added the personal touch of labeling the box “it’s a twin thing” to play on the fact that we look so much alike and we are always on the same page when it comes to how we feel



coffee mug with handmade mug cozy–Val and I love our coffee and teas so I thought that a simple mug would be a thoughtful nod toward the necessity of caffeine during this time of the year. As for the crocheted mug cozy in the likeness of a dog? I was browsing Pinterest and saw a similar mug cozy, but with a fox. I wish I could say that I made it myself, but I recruited the crocheting skills of my roommate Megan to get it done. I provided her with the supplies, drew the dog’s face and she was happy to put it together for me. I tried to make it in the likeness Val’s dog, Kona because it’s for a coffee mug…coffee…Kona is a kind of coffee…get it? 😛 Regardless of the puns, I think it turned out really cute!

That nose though.
That tail though.


green tea–What’s more stress relieving than a hot cup of tea? Especially if it’s Tazo’s Zen green tea 🙂 Paired with honey, I think this tea is soothing yet has enough caffeine in it to keep the study marathon sessions going. Everyone could use a little more zen in their lives, especially medical school students!


handwritten letter–You can’t go wrong with a handwritten letter. I think handwritten messages show your personality and definitely displays how much you care for it’s recipient because it’s rare to receive physical letters these days. I was always that kid who got way too excited when I got something in the mail (I still get excited over mail, but nowadays it’s just bills, junk mail or some bank trying to convince me to open a credit card with them). Whenever I can hand write a message, I try to. It gives it a personal touch.


Artsy notebook–I love things like this! I grew up writing in journals, making lists about anything and everything and the kind of book I wrote in was half the fun! I thought this notebook with a diagram of a skull from Typo was a funny and cute way to acknowledge Val’s medical school studies. I know she typically writes notes on her laptop or tablet, but I still think that anyone can use a notebook. Cute, novelty notebooks make writing grocery lists and to-do lists a tad bit fun. Like I said, the little things do matter!


aromatherapy hand sanitizer–You can’t go wrong with things that smell good and keep you clean! A future doctor understands the need for sterilization and stress relief, so I thought this little bottle of hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works covered both of those necessities. The combination scent of eucalyptus and mint is suppose to be therapeutic and relaxing.


personalized photo frame–Photos are always a great reminder of the presence of someone in your life. I thought that it would be an interesting idea to not just print out a picture of the two of us, but to include quotes that I feel are inspiring and describe our relationship with each other. I bought this shadowbox frame from Target, where I also professionally printed the photo.


THE PACKAGING: Nothing special here. I just bought paper shavings that you usually find in Easter baskets, filling every empty space of the box with it and wrapped the mug in some paper I found around my apartment. Lastly, I used a Modcloth box my roommate had in her room from a recent purchase she made. It worked out perfectly!


and…that’s it! I sent the care package to Val as a surprise. She received it the morning of a very important exam and said that it definitely lifted her spirits and made her day, which of course, made my day to hear that.

I hope this inspires you to tell someone in your life how important they are to you or may this serve as a reminder to you that even through the most stressful of times, someone out there cares about you!

Now it’s your turn to make a care package 🙂 Christmas is around the corner and a care package would be a great gift idea for someone you won’t be seeing this holiday season. Tweet me and/or Instagram your creations using #ArtAndCraftWithMez.

Have fun crafting!

Mez ❤

Art & Craft with Me: Sea Shell Bowl Decor

IMG_0091 edit

Hello friends! So I have decided to try my hand at a few DO-IT-YOURSELF projects this season, since summer is one of the best times to take up a hobby. I have always had a therapeutic relationship with arts and crafts. I used to create all sorts of  things: from tissue paper flowers, paintings, cards, frames and so much more. I was the type to tug on my mom’s sleeve asking her to buy me all kinds of arts and crafts books from Jo-Ann’s and Michael’s. I can still spend more than an hour in either of these stores just making my way through the aisles. I haven’t had much time these past couple of years to get back into crafting, so I’m grateful to have this summer to take a stab at it again. So, I thought I would start with something ridiculously simple. I present to you my sea shell bowl filled with sea shells and rocks! Ta-da!

Quick disclaimer: I’m no expert in any kind of craft in particular, I just enjoy doing them! So hopefully you enjoy delving into this creative realm with me 🙂

With that said, welcome to the first Art & Craft with Mez!

Childhood meets adulthood

One of my main projects this summer was to repaint and re-vamp my childhood bedroom. It originally had oh-so-very-bright two-toned purple walls that may have suit sixth-grade me, but 22-year-old me was beyond over it. So, with the repainting came rearranging and with rearranging came inspiration to decorate the space with bits and bobs that paid homage to my childhood memories while illustrating the type of person that I am now.

My inspiration for this extremely simple home decor craft began with the bowl. I recently moved out of my house in San Diego and came across this shell-shaped glass bowl that one of my roommates left behind. I am hoping that it was okay for me to take because if I remember correctly, anything that was left behind was free for the taking. SO SORRY IF I ISN’T ❤

Throughout my childhood, I collected rocks and sea shells from various camping trips, road trips and even everyday-California trips to the beach. I remember my mom designating a box to collect all these items because I would have random plastic bags full of rocks and shells scattered through out the house. Ever since then, the box remained in the same spot in the backyard and I would open it from time-to-time to place new additions to the box for safekeeping.

It was this summer that I decided to take the box from it’s hallowed place in the backyard and bring it into my newly re-vamped bedroom to finally utilize at least part of this childhood collection. It actually took me some time to coordinate the arrangement to the way it looks in the picture above. It probably goes unnoticed, as I expect it would, but it took me a while to coordinate everything to the angle I felt looked best. (OCD much? Yes, I know D:)

I knew that one day in the future I would be able to display this collection, I just didn’t know when. It was surprisingly fulfilling to create this simple piece 🙂

Making it mean something

Yes, this is just a plain-old bowl full of rocks and shells, but I think is the unique part of this craft is that it means something to me. It’s not just a cute desk accessory, but an ode to my childhood with a flair of my young-adulthood. HOWEVER, if you choose to take on this craft, your interpretation definitely does not need to be any kind of deep. Feel free to make it a plain-old bowl holding random, interesting pieces that suit your interests! So please, make it your own!


Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this type of blog post because I plan on creating more Art & Craft with Mez‘s in the near future! Now that I have a new space in San Diego to decorate I’m sure there will be more inspiration 🙂 If you decide to re-create this craft, tweet me a picture! I definitely want to see what comes forth from your creative minds! (@mezthepez)

Peace, love and crafts,

Mez ❤