Creating a Podcast During Quarantine

5-12-20 Blog Post Graphic

Wow! How’s quarantine treating you in week…9? For me, it’s been ebbs and flows of anxiety, optimism, frustration, productivity, contentment and…wait. Am I just describing the cycle of my life regardless of quarantine? *shrugs* Who knows? lol. Anyways, I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during this time. Thank you in advanced for taking valuable time out of your day to read this post. You could be watching all the Netflix, quarantine baking, spending your QT (updated abbreviation definition: quarantine time) in 1,000+ ways. So you stopping to peruse this post means a lot.

With that said, let’s get to the point of this post: I STARTED A PODCAST with my childhood friend Vanessa! 🙂 Love you Nessy! Side note: be sure to check out her blog Help Me I’m Poor: Finding Financial Freedom

We are new proud parents of “I’M UNCOMFORTABLE,” a not-so-serious-but-full-of-sincerity podcast discussing all things cringe-y, awkward and uncomfortable. This means that there are endless topics we can delve into and we are equal parts excited and nervous to do so. Speaking of excited/nervous, we officially launched TODAY, May 12, 2020! So after reading this, you can mosey on over to this link:

Our premiere episode, which we’ve officially named Episode 0, is about the who, the when and the why. Who are we? When and why did we decide that a podcast is what we wanted to create? I find that it’s a nice little introduction to how the podcast is going to flow moving forward…but maybe I might be a little biased. Regardless, you can get a sample of the vibe by listening to our fun intro jingle:

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThe journey towards “I”m Uncomfortable” has been both a long and short one. Partnering together in some fashion was something Vanessa and I talked informally about for years. But, from my understanding, the specific idea of a podcast was concocted in our brains when we attended the Create & Cultivate Los Angeles Conference in January 2020 together (Nessy correct me if I’m wrong).

I immediately thought of Vanessa when considering attending the conference because we both dabble in side hustles and were in dire need of some rejuvenation and inspiration. Many, if not all, of the panels and workshops we attended mentioned bringing in a unique voice and opinion to the conversation. Another common thread of conference conversation was that everyone pursuing a business venture and/or creative dream is figuring it out along the way. No one knows what they are doing. The difference between those amazing women on these panels and us in the audience was that they made the leap. I’m forever grateful for that weekend because it turned out to be just what we needed. A mini retreat of sorts. Actually, what ended up becoming part of our logo for the podcast is based off of pictures that we took at the conference. Who would’ve known? Not I!

A month or so passed after the conference and during one of my extra productive-feeling days spent at a local coffee shop, I decided to create a shared document labeled “The Podcast.” I pretty much brain dumped episode ideas, the beginnings of a suggested structure and a few potential names (none of which we went with btw). I sent this working document over to Nessy and it ended up being the catalyst that somehow led us to today: launch day. From a shared doc, to purchasing microphones, many technical difficulties and many late delirious meetings later, we created something from nothing.

Vanessa and Melissa

I’m so proud of us! I honestly can’t wait to see where this takes us. Wish I could drink champagne physically with you today, but I’ll take clinking glasses virtually for now. Cheers to many more moments of the aforementioned challenges and fun times ahead of us…the next challenge being disseminating our podcast to the two big podcast listening apps: Apple and Spotify.

Side note: shout out to my friend Alvin (Vanessa’s BF) who gets the honorable credit of executive producer. He came up with the final name of the podcast, provided topic suggestions that we’ve turned into episodes and constantly deals with Vanessa’s struggle to set up her equipment LOL. I appreciate you! 

To wrap things up, starting a podcast is all great and exciting (and a lot of work lol). But what I am most excited about is the fact that I firmly believe in the intention behind the conversations we will have with this platform: learning to be okay with acknowledging and confronting the uncomfortable moments in life. If that’s up your ally, join us every Tuesday for a new episode of “I’M UNCOMFORTABLE.”




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