A Formal Introduction

Here is my formal introduction, the handshake if you will. My previous post was created in a time of need; a need to share a bundle of feelings in the form of a playlist of songs and a long-winded explanation. This, if you will allow me to, is what should have been my first post. Enjoy 🙂 

20140420_132656My name is Melissa. My family and friends call me Missy 🙂 What’s MEZTHEPEZ about? It’s a not-so-long story that may or may not be interesting. Like I said, my family calls me Missy, sometimes Miss for short (as if the nickname Missy wasn’t short enough). When my younger cousins were at the point in their lives when they still partook in “baby speak,” their attempts to say “Miss” ended up sounding like “Mez.” Shortly after, it stuck and I remember clearly one Thanksgiving my placeholder card read “Ate Mez” (Ate in my culture means older sibling/sister). I remember my cousin Kaelin saying these exact oh-so-random words: “Mez the Pez” (yes, pez, referring to the classic hard candy famous for the variety of now collectible dispensers). I ended up coining MEZTHEPEZ as my Twitter handle back in April 2009 and it stuck. So, there you have it, the origin of MEZTHEPEZ.

As for the girl behind MEZTHEPEZ? Melissa, Missy, Mez. You can call me either. I’m just a normal 21-year-old girl living in southern California. I am a public relations student at San Diego State University, an everything Disney enthusiast, a professional YouTube fan, a sucker for quirky bits and bobs, a floral print lover in denial, Harry Potter nerd and all-around plain Jane in disguise.

I am inspired by people with motivation and I believe that continuous persistence is the pathway to success. I ultimately want to make a living in the public relations field, building up organizations and causes that do positive things for the community because I believe that living a life of giving back to the community is the best way to live.

…and that’s little bit about me! Welcome to my blog, please join me on this journey of continuous learning.



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